The race is organized by the local tourist bureaus in the Shinetsu area. As such, as part of the race requirements, all racers (and pacers) are required to stay at accommodations designated by the race organizer as follows:

100mile: On Sun. Sept 15(after the race).
110km: On Sat. Sept 14(before the race) and on Sun. Sept 15(after the race).


*The we will provide accommodations for overseas competitors.

*Accommodations are available in English.

*There are no convenience stores in the Madarao Kougen area.

*After you have entered the race, we will ask you about accommodation reservations (accommodation dates, number of people, etc.) by e-mail.

*After the accommodation reservation, we will also make a reservation for the race shuttle bus.

*The accommodations are located about a 5-minute walk from the race registration area.

*You can also reserve accommodations for dates other than the required overnight stay.

*100mile racers and their companions and pacers are not allowed to participate in the Welcome Party and Breakfast Service.

Address: 11492-330 , Iiyama City, Nagano, Japan 389-2253.
Phone: +818097071694

Note: Accommodations may change if rooms are not available.
Please be aware that we will share the information you have registered with RUNNET GLOBAL to accommodation facilities.


1)Sat. Sept 14, 2024 (Mandatory for 110km race)

Accommodation Location:

Check-in: Sat. Sept 14(negotiable)
Check-out: Sun. Sept 15(morning)

Includes, buffet dinner & breakfast (A buffet dinner will be served at the Welcome Party and an early morning buffet breakfast will be available near the race start area in Madarao Kougen Restaurant Heidi.)

Single occupancy:
JPY 12,500 per person
(JPY 12,500/room)

Double occupancy:
JPY 9,500 per room
(JPY 19,000/room)

Triple occupancy:
JPY 9,500 per room
(JPY 28,500/room)

*110km race start: Sun. Sept 15 at 5:30am

2)Sun. Sept 15, 2024(Mandatory for both 110km and 100mile race)

Accommodation Location: MADARAO MOUNTAIN LODGE    MAP 

Check-in: Sun. Sept 15(anytime – after you finish the race)
Check-out: Mon. Sept 16(mid-morning)Breakfast included.

Single occupancy:
JPY 10,000 per person
(JPY 10,000/room)

Double occupancy:
JPY 7,000 per person
(JPY 14,000/room)

Triple occupancy:
JPY 7,000 per person
(JPY 21,000/room)

*Race finishes on Mon. Sept 16(Cutoff time 3:30am)


・Rates for triple occupancy are the same per person as those for double occupancy.

・The above rates shown are adult rates.

・Children from 6-11 years old are 70% of the above adult rates.

・Children under 5 years old rate is JPY 1,000/child (no extra bedding, no meals provided)

・All rates are inclusive of tax.

Pacers and accompanying persons (e.g. racers, family members other than pacers, friends) may also stay at the same rate as the racers.

*Please pay the accommodation fee in advance. Those who do not pay in advance will not be allowed to race.


Please see our CANCELLATION POLICY below.

Before Aug 23, 2024*: 100% refund
Aug 24- Sept 12, 2024 : 80% refund
Sept 13,2024 : 50% refund
Sept 14 ,2024 and anytime thereafter and no contact : No refunds

*In our terms, any time after 4:00 PM on weekdays will be considered as the next day. Please take note of this.

Please note, all refunds are subject to the following administration/service charges.
Accommodation cancellation – JPY 3,000 (per booking)
Note: There is no refund available for the race entry fees.

*If you decide in advance that you will not take part in the race, please contact race headquarters and the lodging as soon as possible, regardless of the cancellation fee deadlines below, so that they can cancel your accommodation reservation.


Shinetsu Kougen is a beautiful area in Japan, however it’s a bit far from all the major international airports. When planning your trip, you should plan to take at least 3 hours to get from the airport to Iiyama train station.

After landing in Narita Airport (or Haneda Airport), take a bus or train into Tokyo (approximately 1 hour). From Tokyo, take a high-speed Shinkansen (bullet train) to Iiyama station (approximately 1 hour 40 minutes).

You can purchase JR train tickets at stations.

Please see instructions written in English on this website.


From Narita Airport to Madarao Kougen

・Take the Narita Express to Tokyo Train Station (1 hr)

・From Tokyo station, take the Hokuriku Shinkansen (bullet train) to JR Iiyama Station (1 hr 40 min)

・From JR Iiyama Station take the bus to Madarao Kougen (30min)*

Race shuttle buses

Race shuttle buses

Madarao Area Map(For 100mile)

Madarao Area Map(For 110km)

*Buses provided by the race will be available for pacers and accompanying persons.

*No buses are available for race spectators. Please rent a car or take public transportation.

Take race shuttle bus to JR Nagano Station (60 min)*
From Nagano Station take the Hokuriku Shinkansen (bullet train) to Tokyo Station (1 hr 30 min)
From Tokyo station take the Narita Express to Narita Airport (1 hr)
If coming from Haneda Airport, take the local trains to/from Tokyo Station.

Reservations are required to get on the race shuttle buses.
Some shuttle buses require reservations and some do not.


Crick here.



Myoko City, Niigata Prefecture

Nagano City, Nagano Prefecture

Shinano Town

Iizuna Town

Iiyama City

Tourist Bureaus

Myoko Tourist Bureau

Madarao Kougen Tourist Office

Nagano Tourist Convention Bureau

Togakushi Tourism Office

Iizuna Kougen Tourist Office

Shinshu Shinano-machi Tourist Office

Iizuna Tourist Association

Shinshu Iiyama Tourist Office

Shinetsu-Shizenkyo Activity Center

Transportation Links

JR Narita Express

Airport Limousine Bus  

Keisei Skyliner