One pacer is allowed per runner.
Pacers are optional but having one can help boost performance and safety during the race.

For the 100mile category, pacers are allowed to join their runners from Kurohime (100km) and for the 110km category, pacers can join their racers from the Sasagamine (60km) assistant point.

In order to ensure fairness with racers without pacers, pacers are only allowed to run alongside runners.
Pacers may not hold their runner’s bags or any other supplies for their runner or provide any other type of physical assistance to their runner on the course.Pacers may however, assist the racer refuel at aid stations.


・You must be 18 years old or above.

・Trail running is a sport that takes place outdoors. It is thus very important that you are aware of and fully understand the potential problems and challenges that may be encountered while out on the race course (e.g. weather, physical and mental challenges).
You are responsible for yourself during the race and you must possess the skills to be able to deal with such issues in order to participate.


Race registrations can be made from the Runnet Global website.

*You will first need to register with Runnet Global beforehand.


Mandatory Gear
Pacers must also carry the mandatory gear.

Transportation and Parking
There is no shuttle bus service from the finish line to Kurohime Aid Station (100mile) or back to Sasagamine Aid Station (110 km).

For those with their own cars, please park at the parking lot in the Madarao area or the parking lot at the Akakura Onsen Tourist Association and use the shuttle bus (bus fee payment required), unless you can get a ride from your supporters.

*After you register for the race, you will receive an email from us regarding your lodging reservation.
After you register for accommodations, we will email you information about the convention shuttle bus.

Same-day Registration and Luggage Storage
Pacer registration and luggage storage will be available at the Kurohime Aid Station for the 100mile race from 5:00 to 14:00, and at the Sasagamine Aid for the 110km race from 10:30 to 17:00.

Use of Aid Stations
As a pacer, you may eat and drink at the aid stations after the start of the race, just as the competitors do. However, you are not allowed to eat or drink at the Kurohime Aid Station (100mile) or Sasagamine Aid Station (110km) before the start. Please prepare your own food and drinks.

Pacer Waiting Area at the Pacer Starting Points
Please do not take up too much space at the pacer start points as space is limited.

100mile: Kurohime Rising Sun Hotel 2F Restaurant Heimdal, etc.
(500m from Kurohime Aid Station, approximately 7 minutes walk)

110 km: Mori-no-Manabiya (Forest Learning House) next to Sasagamine Aid Station
There is a large grassy area around Sasagamine Aid Sation where small tents can be set up. We recommend the use of small tents to avoid crowding the pacer waiting space.

Checking Racer Arrival Times
Please use the TRAIL SEARCH or mobile phone (poor reception only near the Nishino Power Plant Suspension Bridge) to determine the arrival time of racers.

Dropping out of the Race
Please note that no refunds will be made in the event that a pacer drops out during the race or is unable to run.

If a pacer drops out of the race, he/she must report to the aid station or course staff for safety reasons in the same way as the racer and return the pacer’s bib number (with timing chip) to the race organizer. In this case, the runner may continue the race. The racer’s time records will also be kept.

If a racer drops out of the race, the pacer will not be allowed continue to run on his/her own.